21BLACK is a hard-rocking power trio formed in May 2004.  Although considered a hard rock band, this band’s sound is diverse, drawing musical influences from classic rock, jazz, and classical music.  21BLACK appeared in the Ponderous Productions 2008 movie series “The Innocent Killers”.  Their music is featured as a recurring theme in each of the ten movies in the series, and the band itself actually appears in three of the movies.  In 2009, the band released their debut album “Now is the Time”.

21BLACK has headlined a significant number of local venues since they first hit the scene.  They’re regulars at a large number of  local establishments and most recently have played the stages at Boozehounds and Pics.  21BLACK can put together four hours of musical set at a time, and is a favorite of the classic rock and biker communities.  They continue to play music festivals and local community events.

If you are looking to get a large crowd singing, 21BLACK is who you need.


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