Somewhere along his decades-long musical pathway — possibly while on the road or hanging in the air between his various homes in Nashville, Austin or San Antonio, TX singer/songwriter Ed Morales caught a vision for his own brand of guitar-based, alternative pop. He has taken expressive acoustic and electric guitar, and imbued it with an emotional, plaintive vocal quality that seems to aim for a transparency with the listener.

Gifted in the art of live performance, his musicality, harmony, and emotional range point back to earlier influences — McCartney, Petty, Browne, and Henley — yet his thoughtful arrangements prove elusive to those that might simply file his work under rock or pop. This is an art-infused collection reminiscent of the classic singer/songwriters.  It makes for a memorable live show, and for great ‘headphone music’. The secret is in the simplicity. It is precisely here where the listener connects to the music.

Ed Morales is no stranger to the music world having fronted no less than four bands in the past two decades and released numerous solo projects. The fruits of his songwriting have received praise and recommendation from noted sources such as: Billboard, CMJ, and Cross Rhythms.  His works have merited rotation on stations from California to Massachusetts, from the Americas to Europe, and the rest of the world.

Ed’s simple songs portray a seemingly complex beauty and linger — close to the heart — inviting listeners to come in and share. His lyrics paint a picture of the man who has emerged on the other side of a long journey. The unmistakably spiritual lyrics are not easily forgotten and call his audience toward personal reflection — a talent hard to come by in today’s disposable world.

Ed has not merely restyled classic forms of music for a new generation — he explains, rather, that his heart has gone through a re-generation and the music speaks of a changed life.