Light Theory, based in San Antonio, TX.  The first self titled EP “Light Theory” reached #1 on Amazon’s adult alternative charts in 2014.  Slimming down the musical contributions to what is now three core members, the latest release sees the return of Won Song on drums and, Greg Kirkpatrick on vocals, guitars, and keyboards.  With the addition of Mark Munoz on bass, “Glow” chronicles the personal experiences and reflections of singer/songwriter Greg Kirkpatrick resulting from his year and a half battle with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, which nearly took his life in 2011.

The lyrics detail the emotions many cancer patients go through, from fear of the unknown, the challenge to stay positive in spite of overwhelming circumstances, the drive to seize each day and live life to the fullest (and for survivors, sometimes the guilt of not doing so). The pinnacle of the album is the closing song “Alive”, where in spite of waking each day with the realization that no, this is not a dream — it is for sure a reality — he defiantly declares “I’m not gonna die, you can take me, but you’ll never break me down, I’m ALIVE”.