At Blackjack Entertainment, we understand that you got into the arts because you want to get on stage, play to an amped audience, and have fun.  We get it!  We know that getting gigs and operating the business of a music career is not as fun as it sounds.  That’s why we are here.  We do the leg work to ensure your gig goes off without a hitch (we can even bring you the occasional “water”), and we will work for you so you can use your talent to do what you were made to do.  We can help you book your gigs, or we can help you manage your business.


If you are an established band and you want to book gigs, we have the contacts, we can make your arrangements, and we can sign contracts on your behalf.

If you are a well known artist, from somewhere outside of the San Antonio or Austin area, we can assist in getting your tour started on the right foot.  We’ll do the legwork.  You come and play.  We will work out financial details based on how established you are and how easy it is for us to get you gigs.  One or more of our staff can be there on gig nights to ensure that all goes off well, and be at your general disposal.


We believe that band management is a team effort.  As your management team, we will collaborate with you to create some unique strategies that can help build your profile as an artist.  We strive to take care of the background tasks that do not directly lead to you being up on stage.  We make your job easier, so you can focus on the music.


Blackjack Entertainment will provide photographic support for your event.

We will take pictures of you on stage and on your intermission between sets.  These pictures will include a couple of band photos and some candid individual member photos (if desired).  You can expect 15 to 25 high-quality, edited photos that capture your band’s individual vibe.  Non-contract customers will get all of this for less than a third of the price that most local photographers charge.

*** NOTE: Blackjack Entertainment Clients NEVER have to pay for photography because imagery is an integral part of our company effort to support and highlight our artists.